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Related post: influx also appears to be a component of the stimulatory effect; the stimulatory component is not a pseudomonas elastase. It is also possible that prostaglandin E could be acting as an inhibitor of mucin Buy Elimite secretion stimulation. Legionnaires Disease AI 17815-03 B. H. Iglewski (Oregon Health Sciences University) : This investi- gator earlier found that Legionella pneumophila (LP) produced an exotoxin of unknown properties. She now reports that the colorless cytotoxin is produced in good yield in a chemically defined medium; has a M.W. of 800, is heat stable and resistant to acid, alkali and enzymatic action. One microgram is toxic for Chinese hamster ovary cells in Elimite Lotion culture. Other data show that the toxin adversely affects the ability of PMNs and human monocytes to activate their oxygen- dependent antimicrobial systems. The ability of LP to withstand the phagocytic- antimicrobial action of these antimicrobial systems and survive intracellularly most likely is related to the depression of these systems by the Legionella toxin. The toxin may therefore play a Elimite Cream 5 significant role in the pathogenesis of I. pneumophila infections. AI 17254-03 M. A. Horwitz (Rockefeller University) : Earlier reports from several investigators showed that patients with Legionnaires' disease (LD) develop cell-mediated immunity to Legionella pneumophila (LP). Recent data imply a limited role for humoral immunity and a major role in host defenses for cell- mediated immunity. Electron microscope (EM) study by Dr. Horwitz showed that the LP inhibits phagosome-lysosome fusion, and that erythromycin at concentrations completely inhibiting intracellular LP multiplication had no effect on this fusion process. Other EM studies revealed that the organism is phagocytized by a 7-5 highly unusual process in which a monocyte pseudopod is coiled around the bacterium as it becomes internalized. Human monocytes, alveolar macrophages, and PMNs all phagocytize the LP organism by this unusual process. The live LP resides within the vacuoles containing other bacteria. Activation of the monocytes does not influence the pH of the LP vacuole; this may help to understand the mechanism by which LP survives and multiplies in host cells. Staphylococcal Infections ROl AI 14998-04 M. E. Melish (Kapiolani-Children's Medical Center) : Dr. Melish has been studying staphylococcal epidermolytic toxin (ET) because of its similarity to toxic shock syndrome and the scalded skin syndrome of infants. Her recent data show that specific binding of ET occurs on membrane fractions of human and murine skin; this binding is reversible and has a requirement for Cu and Mg ions. The heat stable and heat labile forms of ET are chemically and antigenically distinct. Receptor activity on membranes from the dermis as Elimite 5 well as the epidermis demonstrate that receptors are not limited to all of the upper epidermis, the site of action of the toxin. ET from streptococci also has been isolated and purified; it has a M.W. of 30,000 daltons, differs chemically and physically from all previously described streptocccal toxins, and is produced by a majority of Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci. It is also found free in blister fluid from patients with streptococcal cellulitis and in blister fluid from a mouse model. The mechanism of action and location of binding sites is not yet clear. AI 17242-03 B. A. Sanford (University of Texas, San Antonio) : This project is concerned with identifying the macromolecules responsible for the interaction of bacterial respiratory pathogens with virus-infected mammalian cells (bacterial superinfection). The experimental model involves canine kidney cell cultures infected with various strains of influenza A virus that are then exposed to radio-labeled bacterial Elimite Permethrin pathogens - Staphylococcus aureus Buy Elimite Online or Group A Elimite Cream Price or B streptococci. In summary. Dr. Sanford 's data show that two distinct mechanisms may be involved in which influenza A virus-infected cells can promote the adherence of bacterial respiratory pathogens jjn Scabies Elimite vitro . First, virus infection induces the appearance of cell membrane receptors that interact with bacterial adhesins. Second, virus infection Elimite Cream induces the appearance of membrane receptors that interact with fibrinogen that can, in turn, cross-link certain bacteria to the cell surface. These mechanisms, if found to occur in vivo , could explain the observed association between influenza A virus infection and the subsequent bacterial superinfection with S^. aureus and Group A streptococcus. Basic Research 5 ROl AI 15244-05 W. E. C. Moore (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) : Dr. Moore is developing a method for rapid identification of clinical bacterial isolates based on analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns of bacterial cultures. Current data show that these patterns from a very broad range of bacteria provide invaluable confirmation of identification by extensive classical biochemical tests. In some instances, the patterns distinguished genetically unrelated species that cannot be differentiated by conventional biochemical tests. Computer programs to accept laser scans of the electrophoresis gels are now operative in the investigators laboratory; initial computer programs have already been written for comparisons of "unknown" strains with reference strains. 7-6 Development for wide clinical application will depend on computer pattern recognition. Although incomplete, the data are encouraging for increasing evidence and documentation that a reliable, rapid and inexpensive diagnostic procedure can be developed. Leprosy NOl AI 22682 P. J. Brennan (Colorado State University, Fort Collins) : Dr. Brennan has continued to characterize the species-specific glycol ipid antigens of Mycobacterium leprae . Upon "dissecting" the glycol ipid-I molecule, he found that trie lipid core was devoid of serological activity and the trisaccharide Order Elimite entity was the serological determinant. This trisaccharide has been chemically synthesized in the laboratory and coupled to bovine serum albumin. The synthetic antigen is highly reactive (ELISA test) with leprosy patients' sera, but shows no activity with normal human sera, or that from tuberculosis patients or from patients infected with atypical mycobacteria. This antigen is of value in the serological diagnosis of leprosy, if the antigen is protective, it also may be useful in the development of an effective leprosy vaccine. R22 AI 19302-01 B. J. Gormus (Tulane University, Louisiana) : Dr. Gormus found that adult sooty mangabey monkeys inoculated with M. leprae (human origin) developed skin lesions and other symptoms identical to human leprosy; they also required drug therapy to control the disease. This should be an extremely useful
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